Aubrey Wolf

Aubrey offers her clients a unique perspective and approach to tattooing and micropigmentation, informed by her wealth of customer service experience, her practice of transforming the challenging, traumatic parts of life through visual arts, and her own experience as a double mastectomy patient. Aubrey is widely respected for her work covering scars and transforming traumas through custom tattoos, and has been featured in:


Vancouver Tattoo Artist Transforms Trauma Scars Into Masterpieces







Aubrey trained alongside surgeons and registered nurses with Finishing Touches Group in Europe, where the pharmaceutical standards and development of medical tattooing are unrivalled. 
Established in 1996, the creators of Finishing Touches pioneered the early days of cosmetic tattooing for cancer patients. Since then, Finishing Touches has gained more than 15 years of experience providing professional tattooing within hospitals, and has designed and manufactured its own rich pharmaceutical-grade pigments, while always maintaining the highest surgical aseptic standards. Aubrey could not have found a better place to seek certification.  

Aubrey attributes her deep relationship with creative visual expression to the art therapy she experienced at 19. Guided by her art therapist, she moved away from manifesting her pain on the canvas, and towards imagining and creating images that made the world around her feel less painful. Visual arts eclipsed other pursuits at this point, eventually leading Aubrey to take Fine Arts at Langara with a tiny seed at the back of her mind—perhaps her calling lay in answering the discomfort so many people feel in their skin with the healing power of pigment.

 In May of 2018, Aubrey united her passions and experiences, opening Integrated Ink—a safe, respectful and compassionate space for diverse bodies of all genders. The foundation of Integrated Ink is the belief that each modality of healing is most potent when the recipient is treated as a whole being, instead of a canvas or set of symptoms.

Aubrey attributes the seeds of her vision to the dedicated and innovative veterinary work of her mother, Allison Cooper, who offered a holistic blend of homeopathy and Western medical approaches when treating her patients. Aubrey’s early childhood was spent residing above her mother’s surgical practice; she grew up learning about the importance of sterility alongside that of tying shoes and catching fireflies. Aubrey has followed her mother’s path, seeking out every tool available (and reinventing a few!) in the heart-driven journey to provide others with holistic care.

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