medical vs. cosmetic micropigmentation

While North America is only beginning to explode with the potential and possibility of micropigmentation, technicians across Europe have been honing the craft for over 20 years.  Diverging from the realm of beauty, medical tattooists have perfected techniques, pigments, equipment and aseptic standards that meet EU pharmaceutical and medical requirements. 3D areolas and scar camouflage has been offered in hospitals and clinics overseas for over 15 years, and is often covered by private insurance.  

Integrated Ink’s founder was taught by one of these pioneering technicians, and is committed to making the same standards of safety available to tattoo and micro-pigmentation clients in Canada. Our microblading and powering services blend the best of these medical pigments and standards with the renowned cosmetic training from Biotouch.  

Micro-pigmentation might be familiar to you through microblading or cosmetic tattooing, but the possibilities do not end there!  Services such as 3D areolas, scar camouflage, hairline restoration and gendered countering all fall under the umbrella medical micropigmentation.