I am proud to offer the most financially accessible medical micro-pigmentation available in Canada.  I have ensured that my prices are significantly lower than the small, but growing number of similar Canadian businesses.  Some of my prices are even HALF of what my peers are charging.  

As a person shaped by my disabilities, it is important to me that what I have to share is not only available to those with disposable income or material wealth.

My fees are reflective of the cost of supplies for each client and the additional work required to serve multiple, shorter appointments in a day.  Subsequently, shorter sessions are priced higher than longer ones.  This also serves to make more intentional, time consuming pieces more accessible for everyone! 

Included in my fees is a take-home aftercare package and post-application support by email or appointment, designed to ensure the comfort and simplicity of your healing, and minimize any complications or anxieties.  

Half of any generous gratuities will be put into a scholarship fund for low-income cancer and/or transgender clients who seek closure on their journeys, and Indigenous survivors.  


Permanent Tattoos*  
1 hour $150 +GST
2 hours $250 +GST
3 hours $300 +GST
4 hours $380 +GST
5 hours

$450 +GST

6 hours

$500 +GST

Freckles, beauty marks, and all other tattoos under 45 minutes

$90 +GST

Touch ups within 1 year


Touch ups after one year, per hour

$100 +GST

Drawing Fee (medium size)**

50 +GST

Drawing Fee (large size)** 100 +GST
Drawing Fee (extra large size)** 150 +GST
Medical Micropigmentation


Unilateral Areola

$250 +GST

Unilateral touch up (if within 6 months of the initial application, or most recent touch up)

$120 +GST

Unilateral touch up (if over 6 months since last application).......

$170 +GST

Unilateral Areola Package (Includes 2 touch ups within 2 years)   

$500 +GST

Bilateral Areola $325 +GST
Bilateral touch up (if within 6 months of the initial application, or most recent touch up) $150 +GST
Bilateral touch up (if over 6 months since last application) $200 +GST
Bilateral Areola Package (Includes 2 touch ups within 2 years) $600 +GST
Semi-permanent Camouflage***, Freckles and Beauty Marks, per half hour $150 +GST
Other Services
Scar Needling per half hour $125 +GST
Tattoo Removal per half hour $125 + GST
Mesothotherapy Essentials $100 +GST
Mesotherapy Deluxe $125 +GST
Mesotherapy Magic $150 +GST

 *All appointment bookings require a non-refundable deposit.  Deposits vary. 

**Drawing fees include 1 total redraw, or 2 smaller revisions of original design.  Any additional design work will be at a negotiated cost.

***3 treatments within 3 months recommended