rejuvi tattoo removal

You can see Rejuvi Removal working immediately!  A certified technician applies the product below the upper layers of the epidermis, where it bonds with the ink and is pushed out of the body.  This is an excellent alternative to breaking down carcinogenic amines—as found in some permanent tattoo inks—into your bloodstream, as happens with laser treatments. 

Rejuvi is an incredibly flexible approach to tattoo removal.  It can remove all pigment colours and radiotherapy marks.  Removing an entire tattoo? No problem! Only want to get rid of your ex’s name, or lighten your existing ink for a cover-up? Selective removal and lightening can be achieved.  We can even create negative artwork in solid colour areas!

Rejuvi is not suitable for skin type 4 or above.  Book your free consultation today.

Package prices are available to clients who want us to facilitate their journey from removal to new pigment application.