scar cover up

While camouflaging scars is on the rise, many prefer to rewrite their relationship with their scars through permanent, artistic tattoos.  The intentions of each client are as different as the origins of their scars.






Scar cover-up tattoos might be right for you if:

  • You seek to manifest positivity and resilience where you once felt pain and struggle
  • You want to release the past and fully cover the daily reminders on your skin
  • Others interacting with your visible scars causes you stress, insecurity or triggers, and you would like to minimize their visibility
  • You want to honour your scars with a tattoo that highlights them or weaves them into the design

If this is speaking to you, but you are unsure what kind of tattoo to choose, reach out!  I have vast experience assisting clients in creating a visual representation of their feelings, journey and values. My practice is based in Ottawa, Ontario.
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