"My consultation with Aubrey was amazing! Aubrey created a safe, fun, light and tolerant space where I could share my tattoo ideas and see what would be a meaningful way to proceed with them. Aubrey's input was incredible and I left with lots of information on what is possible and what are the best ways to go about bringing my tattoo ideas to life. I am very happy and excited for the next steps and grateful to have met such a caring artist." 


"Aubrey helped me customize my chest moth piece to suite my style and fit my body perfectly, and recently, a few years later, we have added geometric line-work to extend down my sternum. Working with Aubrey, I always feel like they transform my often untamed visions into something beautiful that will really last. Having their art on my body really helps me look past my perceived physical flaws, and focus on the art I've chosen to wear forever - it says more about me than my natural born flesh-sack ever will. Aubrey has an incredible talent for helping people work through trauma with self-affirming tattoos."

-Rachel E.

"From our initial conversation about design and vision to 6 multi hour sessions together, Aubrey and I have spent many hours working on my full sleeve tattoo. If you're looking for an artist to work with you on your next tattoo I can't recommend Aubrey enough.  They are an extremely talented tattoo artist but along with their incredible artistic ability they also excel at working with clients to bring our tattoo concepts into reality."

-Preston C.

"Aubrey has a way of creating even more meaning to the piece than what you go in with, they want to know you personally and they want to know your story. I think that’s what makes them so great, it’s never awkward, it’s never weird, it’s like meeting up with an old best friend for coffee."

-Melissa Martin

 "Aubrey and I built my tattoo together, taking months to talk about the imagery, symbolism and the meaning that these images had in my life. We talked and shot ideas back and forth as the tattoo grew and grew into something magical. They have been gentle and compassionate, telling me to grit my teeth when I needed it, being there for me as tattooing released emotions, and making me laugh all the way through."

-Rian J Lloyd

"Aubrey provided a calm and comfortable tattoo experience. They were very attentive to my input and incorporated it into the final design in a creative and talented` way. They also frequently checked in on my pain levels to ensure the whole process was as pain free and comfortable as possible. I will definitely be seeing them again!"

-Madde J

"This Mumma is incredibly grateful for your beautiful art. I'm completely in love with it. You also made the experience unforgettable for me. You are compassionate and thoughtful. Thank you for getting me through those tough moments."